Saturday, June 16, 2012


OK - I have to do a little follow up.  How I love it when I write a post people want to comment on!  So much fun!

But, I just have to write a little more so I am absolutely sure no one thinks I am a curmudgeon.

I love a smile when it is genuine!  I don't want people to be surly, and I am really a very friendly person.  If I know I am going to encounter someone, such as a check-out person - even if I am not in a great mood - I try to summon up enough cheeriness to be kind and courteous.  But, so often, when I enter a place with greeters, I've forgotten about that feature of their operation, and feel ambushed.  That post was written after I went to Meijers very late one night, when I was not only exhausted but terribly unhappy and upset.  The greeter said, "Hello!"  and startling me out of my reverie, I actually had to fight back tears.  I suppose the rule of thumb ought to be - don't go to the store when you are that upset!  But, the effort to be friendly was almost impossible, and add to it that I had recently been told by someone who worked at this store as a greeter that their real job is to watch for shoplifters....well, it all seemed to be almost the last straw.

 I could just about say I'd wish every person on earth a "nice day" (though "nice" isn't aiming all that high, is it?) and I can even expand that wish to include all the evil people, too.  Why not?  But, I don't like anything that is FALSE.  If someone can be genuinely friendly to every one - and I know some who can - that is LOVELY.  But I don't want to see someone do an artificial version of friendly, then turn to someone and say something rude about the same person they just wished a nice day to.  And, I've seen that in the check-out lane, too.  In fact, I absolutely mortified one of my children one time, by sharing my opinion with an employee at McDonald's who did that to a disabled man.  To pretend kindness when you can't wait to say something nasty is false and worse than dignified silence (or even sullen silence) in my opinion.

I take it back - I don't wish everyone a nice day.  Rude drivers are exempted.  Actually, to be quite honest, I always utter a little interior wish that rude drivers would suddenly be struck with a really bad case of intestinal disturbance.  


MyGirlElena said...

Haha! The post that prompted this and the one about you wanting to wear a burka have left me thinking.
I just think our society is rude enough already. If the person looking out for shoplifters covers his act with a "hello," then the more power to us all. If people told everyone what we are really feeling, it wouldn't be pretty!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

If I expect a "greeter", I will avoid the store, or if I have to go in, steel myself up for it in the parking lot. What bugs me most is the stores that have employee's stalking you as you go through. Bed Bath and Beyond must require them to be chatty. I don't want to chat and I don't want to answer the same thing 42 times. I just want some towels! LOL!

schnitzelbank said...

I was recently back in Michigan and got to visit the new Meijer near Bath Township. I nearly cried, it was so nice, clean, and friendly. Like nothing I have in LA! :)

Mike and Christie said...

Annie, you are so funny.
A few weeks ago I was with Anna at Walmart. Some woman was handing out food samples. I can't take food samples because I am gluten free. I politely said, "no thankyou" and then in the corner of my eye the woman made a face at me and stuck out her tongue. I looked back at her and she smiled. UGH

Annie said...

Schnitzelbank - I haven't been to that Meijer yet - I have just been wildly sending in applications for all my boys!

Maria - you are funny, and right, I guess....though the guys standing out in front of Russian stores probably do as much (if not more) to stop shoplifting. I do REALLY avoide the stores (K-Mart) where they demand to check your bags as you leave - like PRESUMING everyone is a shoplifter.

Mike and Christie said...

I think Ukraine puts the KGB in charge of security at stores. Scary looking guys in all black follow you EVERYWHERE!