Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In the paper, on-line, on the radio - everywhere, there are suggestions for "Top Ten Gifts for Mother's Day"  "Top Mother's Day Gifts for Tiger's Fans" "Ten Top Gifts for Working Moms" etc. 

When I look at most of these I am unmoved.

What would be my top ten Mothers Day Gifts?  Nothing to buy!

  1. Everyone coming to dinner, liking what is served, and not once saying anything critical of or upsetting to anyone else. 
  2. A clean house. 
  3. A clean car. 
  4. A clean office. 
  5. Flowers planted. 
  6. Play Draw Anything with me. 
  7. Play anything with me - I LOVE to play! 
  8. Church without complaint. 
  9. Kisses and hugs.
  10. A talk.  Love, love, love talking to my children one-on-one.
Not so hard to please me, is it?

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thisjourneyofmylife said...

When we were younger and chronically without money, we made little coupon books with "coupons" for cleaning the bathroom, walking the dog, cooking dinner, serving breakfast on bed, cleaning the car ... Mama loved to get those. We didn't really like it when she wanted to use one though. :-D

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

oooooh YEAH! Love this list!!

on our way today said...

not complainig about dinner would be #1 for me. usually only one child likes each meal. the rest feel the need to consistently tell me how they don't like x..

Annie said...

Ciska! I LOVE those, and actually have a couple of Zhen's in my purse at the moment. I think I also have one of Aidan's - that he'll go to the antique store with me without complaining. I think I should turn that one in.

On Our Way - I'm SO glad I'm not the only one!

Joy said...

I solved the dinner issue by having the kids each take one night for dinner prep during the week. They plan the menu and prepare the food. Interestingly, they are very cautious about criticizing each other especially if they have their night to be "judged". Only down side is you have to be willing to eat tacos, spaghetti, and hot dogs once a week.

Mike and Christie said...

That sounds like a perfectly LOVELY list.:)
I don't care for Mother's Day gifts, and tend to find "Mother's Day" annoying anyway. If my kids want to honor me, I want them to do it out of love, not obligation.

11 On My Own said...

All I ever asked for for Mother's Day was a clean house. I never got it. Maybe this year?

Rachael said...

I told my kids I want mulch on my flower beds and weeds pulled for my present. And I am with you - I always request no complaining, bickering, fighting with each other, or cross words on my birthday or mother's day. Sometimes I get my request!