Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The inspiration for Lydia's visit this week was the recital which marked the Tenth Anniversary of the Quinn School of Irish Dance - the school which Lydia was a "founding member" of (at least if dance terminology is like Church terminology).  

Ten years ago we took the leap and left the highly respected O'Hare School in Detroit, to drive a bit less far and join Erin's new school in Marshall/Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Erin is a most exacting teacher, and she probably ended up making Lydia the disciplined person which she is today.  Below is a short video I took of  Lydia dancing a Treble Reel with Erin.

Erin Quinn and Lydia
Lydia stayed from Friday through Monday.  She took Anastasia to get her ears pierced again; this seems to be a tradition.  Good thing Lydia doesn't come visit too often!  Then we went out (just the girls) for Mexican food.  Lydia bought me a Mother's Day gift:

There is a story (an OLD story) behind this bracelet.  When I was a very little girl, 4, in preschool, one day another girl spent a day there.  She had the most marvelous bracelet!  It had brightly colored little plastic fruit charms.  Oh!  I loved that bracelet and wanted one so much.  I do not know if I was able to describe it all that well to my parents, and I doubt even if I could, that they would have known how to find just such a bracelet for me...but I do remember how they tried!  The closest match, apparently was a small plastic bowling ball on a ball chain, which I wore for a loooong time.  But, no bright little fruit.  In the back of my mind for all these [many] intervening years, I've had that little bracelet in my mind - so imagine my surprise and delight to find just the bracelet!!!  I'm not sure that the little girl's fruit had faces, but mine does.

On Friday night we ate chocolate and watched a wonderful movie - Midnight in Paris....totally "up my alley" so to speak.  On Saturday we took a family trip to Lake Michigan  -  at least we  got four "family" in the car besides Craig and me - Lydia, Maxim, Ilya and Zhenya.  Sergei and Anastasia were with friends.

No one was up for posing, but I got this photo of all of them to prove it.
I am not sure why we didn't really dress for the beach.  We all put our feet in the water, but that is about it....we did enjoy the sun and the lighthouse, and so forth.  I think Lydia, who lives in Virginia Beach, is spoiled for beaches, anyway.

Lydia enjoyed the dogs while she was here, and we cooked Mexican food another night.

Yesterday she went home.  On Monday we had quite a "challenging" sort of "adventure"....but I'll write about that in another post.


Tina in CT said...

What a thoughtful daughter that she remembered hearing about your wish since you were 4. I'm sure you loved having her home too.

Anonymous said...

Lyddie is the BEST!!!!


on our way today said...

I wanted my kids to take Irish dance but there has never been a studio that teaches that anywhere close to us.

Looks like a nice visit.

Pretty bracelet.

Annie said...

on our way - if you tell me where you live, there might be a school. It is SO odd that they make it nearly impossible to find Irish dance schools! They don't advetrise, and don't even have a mention in the phone book; it is crazy.

Annie said...

You could e-mail me at

MyGirlElena said...

I wrote a long comment and Blogger deleted it!! I think blogspot hates me :-( Anyway, I showed Elena the video you posted on FB of Lydia dancing and she loved it!! She already takes tap lessons (it's what she's wanted since she was 4 years old and we just had to wit until she started K ~ no more babysitter fees). So, fortunately, there's an irish dance company that rents out the space in her tap/ballet school to teach irish dance. Unfortunately, it's only once a week on Sundays, between 1-2pm. Well, that really cuts our Sundays in half!! So, I'm thinking to do what's best, but I just wanted to say that Lydia is a great dancer and she has inspired my little
german-russian-cuban princess ;-)