Friday, April 27, 2012


I am averse to change, and this "new blogger look" is having an adverse affect on my comfort level.

I don't really see any improvement and don't quite understand the need to create this kind of user-discomfort.  What for?  To seem "new", "trendy" - not to get stale?

As everyone can see, I haven't been writing too much lately and the reason is twofold - one is that I really am hard-pressed at work, but perhaps the greater reason is self-editing.  I know that none of my children want me to write about them (anything good, bad, or indifferent) where people they know can read it.  That seems a reasonable desire, and to continue to do it seems disrespectful.  If I hadn't made the error years ago of letting people I know IRL have this address it would be fine, but I did - but it didn't turn out that I wanted to write the newsy, cheerful little blog I envisioned then.  And just considering the Golden Rule - I wouldn't want the kids keeping a blog that mentioned ME (to say the least!)

So, what with the kick in the shins from blogger, I thought "I will start a WordPress blog!  What the heck!"  Then, just now, I attempted to post a respose on mamaporuski's blog and (as is typical at least 50% of the time) I wasn't allowed to do so because I wasn't "logged in" or my information wasn't acceptable to them in some way.  There must be some disconnect between how I log in here (at home) versus how I log in at work, or something, because WordPress and I just don't seem to get along anymore.  And I don't want my readers to have that issue.  I love every comment.

So,  I guess I'll stick with blogger, but I have to somehow figure ot how to go anonymous...Then I'll give all you non-local friends the new address. 

Now, for some reason I can't even get blogger to allow me to put in a picture today.  Maybe it is a sign I should drop blogging altogether. 


Highly Frustrated


thisjourneyofmylife said...

I don't like what Wordpress is doing with those comments either, but it's very user-friendly to post text, pictures and other media. Blogger was okay, but it's just not as easy.

Tina in CT said...

Annie, please don't stop as that's how we met. Why not just change your blog name and message friends on FB that you want to have it?

Mike and Christie said...

You could always go private and then send invites to specific out of staters like me. B)

I tried word press and nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to figure it out. I stayed with blogger. The new format was hard to get used to, but I think I have it understood now.
I had to pay 5.00 to blogger so I could continue to post pictures. My free gig was full. Who would have thought!
I have thought about a .com address too, but the work scares me.
Maybe someday. :)
Keep Blogging PLEASE!!!! That is how we met!

Mike and Christie said...

I am also thankful that I don't have to type those weird little confirmation things on your blog when I comment.... I FAIL at those and sometimes just give up!

dm02 said...

Oh no! I hope you keep blogging! I enjoy reading it so much. There are so few Catholic adoption blogs, and none as enjoyable as yours. : )

Albany, NY

on our way today said...

yeah i think the changes are weird and don't get it. I personally found wordpress harder than blogger. I know what you mean about the privacy issues of children... my older 2 kids don't even know I blog about them and the younger ones don't care for now--but i know what you mean. I toyed with the idea of going completely anoyomous but I dislike the confusion of made up names and initials I went back with real names after I closed previous blog and started again. I did lose all my readers tho but I don't care that much.

I think you should re start a new blog on blogger not linked to this one and just restart and use fake names if you want.

I love your honest and frank posts. You shouldn't have to edit yourself.

MyGirlElena said...

Please don't stop blogging. I'm still having withdrawal issues from "StoringUpTreasures." If you go, what will I read during my lunchtime at work?

schnitzelbank said...

I hope to get an invite, if you go private! I'm originally from your neck of the woods, but I live very far away now. :)

Anonymous said...

For what i's worth, I'm just an anonymous reader, but a very avid reader, as your blog is my favorite because of how honest you are in a situation that is very real (and not the 'everything is perfectly fine with our adopted child from Russia' spiel that I often hear about IRL.

Annie said...

Well, everything is perfectly fine with SOME of our children from Russia! That is the message I hope comes across. But, probably it is good for ANY parent bio or adoptive to be ready for things to not quite be as they'd dreamed.

No captcha for me - I HATE it, and have totally abandoned responses when I couldn't read it right (somehow they seem to have gotten almost undecipherable).

Yes; I want you all! I just don't want people from work and church - even though I love them, it just isn't nice for my children to have people knowing things about them that should be private (to everyday acquaintances).

So - two points of view about WordPress....

Probably have to wait until after first communion to do anything! SO, so busy now!

Annie said...

Oh, I miss Storing Up Treasures, too!

mamaporuski said...

Take it private Annie at this point :) Wordpress has good things, but it is learning something TOTALLY new. :)

Annie said...

Debbie - I am trying to start a new blog on blogger, but they've changed it so much that IT is learning something new, too!

kate said...

Yes, yes, YES!! I don't like the new blogger look and am ready to jump ship, too. I don't know why, but I just can't write with things the way they look now.

Elizabeth said...

Just went into the Blogger editor, yikes!

I have trouble with the cursor when I'm commenting on your blog, for some reason.

Not sure what to say about the privacy issue. I try to avoid writing about specific people on my blog, but it still happens.