Friday, March 9, 2012


I didn't vote in the Republican Primary.  I noticed (once again) that my absence didn't make a difference.  I wrote about my voter's ambivalence in a previous post so I won't go there again....though I will add one more story about the intelligence of  voters.  My mom told me that a friend of hers said that she would vote for Obama "because his daughters make their own beds".  OK!

The thing is, I do listen to the news (NPR usually); I do read the papers.  I have forayed into reading some of our candidates' statements, speeches, etc.  But, when push comes to shove there are two big problems:  every one of them shares some beliefs I hold dear, while simultaneously advocating for things that I am dead set against.  So, there is no chance at all for any sort of fervor on my part.  Secondly, I simply don't know enough.  Despite getting a significant dose of "education" every day via NPR and BBC, I still don't really know - or even have an opinion about how the economy could be "fixed"; I have no idea whether drilling for oil is, overall, a good or bad thing, or whether we should intervene in Syria or not.  I tend to think I will love "Obamacare" and rather like the idea of having a "European style" healthcare system!  I can't help but think that those people who oppose it must not be laying out a quarter of their take-home pay in medical expenses like we do....but so many people I really like and whose opinions I generally trust are dead set against it......  But mostly.....I really don't have the time to find out all I should find out about it in order to make what I would consider an intelligent vote - and that is considering only this one topic!

So, the other day after Craig jokingly asked me whether if he ended up in the hospital I'd keep him on life support, and I responded, "I'd have Monsignor Murphy decide!" (He's the wisest and holiest person I know.)  I found myself thinking......if only I could just vote for a wise and holy person who would vote for me....a delegate...a person who shares my values and beliefs, but a wiser person - who would devote the necessary time to finding out all the details, and then they could vote for the best candidate!  Then it occurred to me - is that what the delegates were originally intended to be and do?  I don't know.  They never mentioned that in Civics class.  But it seems like a good idea to me.

On another but related topic - I'm wondering lately if the media doesn't have just altogether too much to do with politics.  Seems to me that the various news organizations must be doing a lot more than just reporting the news.  For example....  This entertaining, but nutty revolving door of republicans in the "forefront".  What is that about?  First one, then another, are reported to be the "next big thing"....some of them seem downright absurd (well, seems to me).   So, how do these candidates get their popularity?  The only way I ever even heard about some of them (and my guess is that the main way other voters hear about them, too) is via the media.  So, if we hear on the news that Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain is "taking the lead", becoming popular - whatever - how could this possibly come about if not through people hearing about Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain via the media?  Were they household names for everyone but me?  I didn't think so.

I heard someone on a radio talk show many years ago advocating that instead of having all this electioneering, each candidate should write up as complete as possible a summary of his/her beliefs and plans, and then we should all read them, debate them, and vote.  No ads.  No signs.  No emotional pleas.  None of the nonsense.  Sounded good to me; so I was sort-of dismayed to hear him more-or-less laughed at by most of the callers.

But as it is, the whole political scene is for me confusing at best and embarrassing at worst.  And that's all I have to say about that! 


The Combes Family said...

Well stated!!!

Tina in CT said...

I am so fed up with hearing about the political race on TV that I'm ready to scream and it's only early March and we have almost 8 more months of it.

Yankee Blog Reader said...

I'm not into politics at all and don't even understand it much, but know certain things to be true. Please be careful about Obamacare. Three of my uncles and 2 of my cousins are doctors. One of my cousins (closer to me than my sister) has kidney disease. She is 52 years old and could not receive the medical attention she is getting now if we were to turn to socialized medicine. Believe me, I had 2 hospitalizations in 2011 ~ Elena and me. I'm paying over 8K in medical bills. I KNOW it's tough! But I am able to go on a payment plan with both hospitals and are alive and well today. Both of us had serious infections lurking in our bodies. Elena's was in her bones and mine in my bloodstream. Both our situations required doctors to work quickly. I don't know how "urgent" our cases would have been had medicine be socialized.
As for Syria ~ I support their president! But I also don't think the USA should have intervened in Libya. Libya had no national debt and citizens lived well there.
I don't agree with deporting immigrants who are working honestly and doing jobs no one here wants to do (e.g. Mexicans), but I do think we need to stop the UN from sending us Muslims. I won't go into detail because there are many reasons and I have taken much of your blog space already! I am sorry about that :-) I realize some of your readers may disagree with me and I DO NOT intend to start a debate here. I just needed to get somethings off my chest and since you posted about this......
Maria (Elena's Mom ~ reason for the different blogger name is complicated, but I am NOT a Yankee)!!

Annie said...

Oh Maria! You hit a bit of a nerve. While on one hand deporting illegal immigrants seems cruel - how about the fact that there is NO WAY I could EVER have any of my children's relatives even come her for a VISIT! NO! Sergei's sister can't get a visa for a visit, so it really seems wrong for those who are here illegally to stay. I don't know the answer, but something seems unfair about it... I've honestly daydreamed about bringing Nadia and her daughter to Mexico or Canada and sneaking her in illegally.... But, then I guess she'd have to stay - and she doesn't want to STAY only visit!

We can't get the mental health care we need because that is pay up front or do without. It may end up killing one of my children.

I love comments!

Yankee Blog Reader said...

That's why I'm not into many problems and no easy answers. Someone will always end up getting short ended!

Again, ignore the Yankee thingy (I'm following an adoption blog under the AP's name and am afraid I'll lose the sign-in if I disconnect from her login ~ very exciting too! They're adopting a teenage boy from Russia)!!