Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hevel haS an interesting little post, where he shares the titles of the posts he's begun and not completed.  I have a few of those....here's the last few month's worth.

When I Tried  (to Start an Orphan Ministry)
Eleven in Eleven (I think this was a year in review....)
The Grinch (Christmas, I bet)
Catch the Shame (I'm sure it was brilliant)
Friends (probably about why I don't exactly have any....)
Too Much (taking my time and money....what else?)
Doubts and Misgivings (not sure I'm ready to share them)
Usually (no clue; I didn't get very far)

Most of these were begun when I had time but were interrupted.  Some of them were probably a bit lame...I prefer inspiration to a set piece like "Eleven in Eleven" (though I enjoy them when others do them).....  Some, like "Friends" and "Doubts and Misgivings" were just too personal, at least for the moment I was writing them.

What posts have you begun and not completed for some reason?  


Trauma Mama T said...

Too many to count! They're usually too negative and so I stop myself. I've realized I have a lot of PTSD and anger myself and it's probably best to keep that off the page. Still, I could come up with a few titles:

When the Going Gets (stuck in the toilet)

Sunshine on My Shoulders Gives Me Heat Rash

What My World Need Now is Dove, Sweet Dove (chocolate)

Like Stepping Barefoot on a Lego

Liposuction (of the Heart)

Okay, someone stop me NOW!

Thanks for the laugh. I want to be your friend!

Mike and Christie said...

LOL....I have had some and just went through a few weeks ago and deleted them all.
I do remember there was one about 9 months ago when Alli had been home for about 3 months. I was in the middle of typing about how well the girls were doing and all getting along and her behavior was so improved and in the mid type, they all fell apart (picture Miss Dashwood (but an old lady, me instead) in Sense and Sensibility, where all the girls in the house are weeping and she sits down and has some tea in the hall...and Alli coming out to announce "I NEED DIFFERENT FAMILY! RIGHT NOW! LOL

And I hit the delete button. :)

:)De said...

I have lots of Drafts too. Many are milestones or record keeping info for school that are helpful for me, but I just went back and read a few that were reactions to parents of hurt children writing negative things to other parents of traumatized children.

It breaks my heart when those of us "who know" lash out at others who are on the front line too.

But you know me...just wanting some Peace!

Annie said...

Hey, "T" I want to read ALL those posts! Your titles are brilliant!

Christie, I can so easly picture Mrs. Dashwood! I've had the same thing happen - the happy jinx post.

De! I want to read your posts too - canNOT imagine you "lashing out".....

Hevel Cohen said...

Sometimes the posts we don't post tell more about us than the ones we do post. At least the ones I never posted are quite revealing.

Rachael said...

I've started at least a dozen posts since Nick has been home, and have published exactly none, because I can't seem to ever finish them. Then by the time I come back to them, I want to start over. Part of my problem is that it takes me forever to write a post. I over think everything I write and the words never just flow. One of these days, hopefully very soon, I'll actually finish one!

mamaporuski said...

Hmm, I must be the only one that finishes posts I actually write on the computer...of course there are hundreds of posts in my head-but I never give them a title until they are done.
I wonder-Do most of you title your post, then write, or write and then title?

Annie said...

I usually title it, then start writing, and perhaps change the title.