Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For a few years I've had the most wonderful bloggy friend.  Tamara is an American mom, raising two daughters and living and teaching in Moscow [do I envy her?  You bet I do!!!]  I do not recall how we connected, but ever so kindly she actually responded to my blog comments and has been such a generous and good e-friend (being a super Russian go-between for me).   Tamara even introduced me to her friend Rachael.  She and Rachael met in Moscow, by happenstance, when Rachael was there adopting her daughter.  Well....it turns out that Rachael has become an IRL friend, as she lives right here in Michigan!

Now, Rachael, through some interfering efforts on my part, became familiar with (and familiar to) New Horizons for Children, a wonderful agency that brings EE orphans to the states to find adoptive parents.  Since we got our dear Sergei and Anastasia via hosting, this whole concept is so dear to my heart!!!!  Rachael ended up being contacted by Hew Horizons, and asked to go on their visit trip last year (to meet and select the kids who will be coming to the US).  Well, tempted by all those dear kids, Rachael went back to Ukraine and adopted one of the sweetest teenaged boys imaginable!  You can read all about that at her blog!

So!  Back to Tamara!  Tamara, inspired by Rachael's story is doing an amazing fundraising effort for New Horizons - a Siberian Run across Lake Baikal.  Wow, is all I can say.   Makes my butter lambing efforts look pretty tame.

PLEASE support wonderful Tamara, and the extraordinary New Horizons for Children.  All money raised will go directly to scholarships so that families can more easily afford bringing a child to visit them this summer.  Here's the link:



Tina in CT said...

Thank you Annie for this posting! I hope lots of people go to the site and donate whatever they feel comfortable with. Every dollar helps.

Talked with my daughter today and feel better knowing all the safety precautions being taken by the race committee. Can't believe I'm actually happy to hear she's flying Aeroflot to Siberia. I always feel safer when she's on Delta.

Hevel Cohen said...

Yay for Tamara!

I have a runner friend who I'm sure would love to join her!

Tina in CT said...

She is on the flight to Siberia as I type. I'll be glad when it's over and she is safely back in Moscow. Now that's a strange statement coming from me!

Cléo said...

Annie, do you know any books by Russian author and philosopher Tatiana Goritcheva? I just finished her 'We, christians of the Sovjet Union/Speaking of God, is dangerous.' and thought you'd really like it. Tatiana writes about her atheistic youth, her miraculous conversion and the spiritual climate in Russia the past 150 years. Hopeful stories!

Annie said...

I don't know that author, Cleo! Thanks for the suggestion; I'll look for her.

Rachael said...

I didn't realize until now, that you'd found me through Tamara! So cool, those little connections.