Sunday, February 12, 2012


Let's just harken back to that work they did on the sewer in late October - all that drilling, tearing up the yard.  Bringing to the top a yellowish, cementish-textured sort of earth, then throwing a handful of grass seed on it and calling it good.  Looks like someone - well, several someones, are buried in our front yard.

Fast-forward to January when we get our quarterly sewer-water bill.  Imagine my horror, the sinking in the stomach to see a request for over $800!   Much soul-searching, exploring, confusion.  Determined statements on our part that we could not, could NOT owe that much.  Blythe assurances on their part that - yes, we did!  Eventual discovery that - for some reason - (couldn't have been all that VIBRATION now, could it?) the toilet in the basement (maybe four yards as the worm crawls away from all the digging and vibrating) somehow cracked, and had then leaked out $800 worth of water.

Plumber.  $300.  New toilet needed; not yet purchase.  Seven people in one bathroom.

Not a week later, on (of course) a Friday night, the one remaining toilet upstairs became dramatically plugged up.....plumber called - toilet was plugged not in the toilet itself or the nearby pipes, or even the pipes in the house, no - those leading to the [newly replaced] city pipes - totally clogged with black sludge....  Dirt, too, I bet.  Another $300 +

Yes; I am sure this is all the result of the city's work - but I am sure there is no fighting it.

Van broke down in October.  For want of a clamp the something was lost, for want of something the engine was lost [probably].  Will be $1,600 to repair....only possibly worth it.  We've done without the van; initially we were frozen into immobility, now we are reduced to incapacity.  But that causes me to have at least three hours in the KIA every day.  Bad.

KIA started sporting the "Check Engine Light".  December - $250 for .....a clamp!  Light did not go off; directive to return.  What?!  January - It needed another $250 clamp.  Light still on.... oh, dear, better bring it in for a $500 day of taking the engine apart.  I was in despair and shock, but might have done it.....except the mechanic went a tad too far.  When I paused after the suggestion of the engine exploratative, he intimated that.....well, I had been a little late with that oil change.  A little late with the oil change?  I'm supposed to believe that is going to totally destroy my engine?  Sorry.

This Saturday Craig took KIA in for an oil change (in protest he did not take it to the dealer) - what do you know?  The air filter hadn't been changed in a coon's age.  Well, guess what?  Engine light is now off.

But the money is gone. No clue if it needed clamp one and clamp two at all - but I have my doubts.

Zhen goes to a school that not only charges more tuition than we can really afford, but also takes the kids on a big trip.  Previous trips have been to Washington D.C., Boston and educational destinations - this one (I know it will be educational - but it is also appealing) - Disneyland.  Can hardly tell Zhen he can't go.  $250 for the plane ticket was due a couple of weeks ago.  The other nearly $700 for the four day stay will be due in March.  God help us.

Property Taxes due.

Therapy, psychiatrist visits not covered by insurance.

$300 in dental work this past week for Sergei.

Enough said.  I'm just depleted.  Time to trust in God more.......clearly.  


Hevel Cohen said...

Annie, do you have PayPal?

Fioleta said...

yeah, what is your PayPal account?

MyGirlElena said...

Why does everything have to be so difficult? I am sorry, so very sorry!

Annie said...

Oh, you guys; I'm not asking for donations....just venting!

But, it is SO nice to have people to vent to!

The Combes Family said...

Praying for God's abundant mercies to start pouring down on the Kitching family! (especially your vehicles)

Rachael said...

If this is "the bad", I fear for you for "the ugly"! Should have started this series in reverse and saved "the good" for last! Though I do hope things turn around.

Mike and Christie said...

Oh Annie! When it rains it pours! :(
Such hard times. Are they offering scholarships or payment plans for the trip?
It is hard to not be able to go. I remember these things when I was a kid, and I also remember that somebody payed my way to camp one year. I still remember who it was and how shocked I was. :)

thisjourneyofmylife said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Annie! Why do these things always come all at the same time?

Hevel Cohen said...

I realize you are not asking, but we do want to help.

Annie said...

I'm counting an the tax refund for Zhenya's trip (though putting it into the van would be vastly more sensible....I'm sure it will be amazingly educational with this teacher AND unforgettable.)

on our way today said...

ok horrible person that I am...i am kinda laughing at all this. but laughing with you :) since i didn't think anyone could be having a bad week like us. So I had to write about our toilet problems too on my blog. Oh my...toilet issues are the worst.

Cléo said...

That's... a lot :(

kate said...

It feels overwhelming, doesn't it? Money. Yuck.

Lindsay Mama to Nine said...

Love you, love you , LOVE YOU and I am so so so so SORRY things are so HARD in EVERYTHING right now!!!