Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have always known that there is no way I could be a sales person.  I simply cannot bring myself to try and talk people into buying things.  I've had a few opportunities....when I was in high school and worked at a bakery, when I volunteered at a nature center and was occasionally at the gift desk, at garage sales, etc.  Can't do it.  I've even felt a bit guilty that I feel the same way - more so, perhaps - about religion.  If people come to learn about the Catholic Faith - I am thrilled to talk about it, teach about it, and effuse about my experience of it....but I feel so strongly that it is up to them to make the choice without being coerced, or even encouraged.  It is up to God to do that.

Thus, it amused me a bit when earlier this year I realized that I sounded just like a salesperson, as I not only exclaimed over, but demonstrated my Keurig Coffee Maker.  I have one in my office, as well as one at home, and if anyone wanders by and gives me an interested glance...or even an "I smell coffee" glance, I am at the ready to proclaim the delights of my coffee machine and provide them with the proof of its brilliance in the form of a heavenly cup of coffee. 

And, strangely enough, I now have something else I could easily sell!  Actually, I could only find a photo of the "real" thing - I have only purchased the Kroger brand of this absolutely splendid product.

I had never tried one until early this year when a friend was using one in the church kitchen to wash her pots and pans.  Without this experience, had I ever found a reason to purchase one, I am certain I would have limited my use of the Magic Eraser to the prescribed purpose - cleaning walls....but my friend, Mary, was on to something!  The Magic Eraser will clean just about anything!  It is amazing on walls - absolutely amazing.  As Mary said, at her house it wiped away years of accumulated grease above the stove that "had come with" their house when they bought it - true!!!  Worked in my old house, too.  And, it is great on the pots and pans, on glass, getting label residue off newly purchased items....  I use one when I scrub the floors.  I think my favorite use is on the bathtub, where it gets rid of all the scum easily! 

The only surprise is that somehow it dissolves.  I didn't expect it to slowly disappear on me, but it does.

The only use I wouldn't recommend???  In a panic, after the event of the exploding Easter egg that blew blue dye all over the place - including my face - I used it, along with Ajax (can you tell I didn't want to be blue?) to scrub my face.  This is not a good idea, as anyone might imagine who thought about it for a second or two.  Let's just say, this product is abrasive.  It did get rid of the dye, though! 


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh I love those too! The thing I have noticed, without trying the Kroger brand, is that the real thing is better. Lasts longer before coming apart. Actually the real thing dissolves more than it comes apart.

I used to see a little boy with Autism and he drew on the families hardwood floors with permenant black markers. All the fancy stuff the parents tried did little to remove it and they decided they would have to live with it until I suggested the magic eraser, which was indeed magic!

GB's Mom said...

Shouldn't have kids without it. They should have been around 30 years ago for my first family.

Tina in CT said...

Just this week, I saw the one made for bathroom scum advertised on TV and I have to get one as it sounds like a miracle. I'll also buy one of the regular ones after your endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Love them!
Even brought couple of boxes to Melbourne for my daughter - they do not sell them in Australia.

Annie said...

Olga, thinking they might not have them in Russia I just sent one each to a friend in Moscow, Sergei's sister in Belaya Kalitva and Ilya's grandmother in Ivanovo. They may think I'm crazy...but I was thinking they really should all have one if they didn't!

Susan said...

I love those things. Katherine discovered them when Pavel was around 18 months and colored on the walls. Ive used them ever since!

Molly said...

and I believe that they're not too toxic either! i had a camper with autism put one in his mouth. I had a nice chat with poison control and the camper was just fine!! (never a dull moment)

Karen J said...

I was sold on these when they got RED Sharpie permanent marker off my walls and wood doors. It will also take crayon off and not the paint underneath.
"And that is not all, you also get this handy dandy carrying case!" LOL

Diana said...

Absolutely! A must if you have children, especially boys!