Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Essie's challenge for this TTT is to confess to our worst music listening habits.  I went looking into the dark recesses of my mind.....and I cannot find any unfortunate music-listening habits.  Just a tiny predilection to Russian techno-pop...but there is little to hide here since somehow when I changed over from my van to my new KIA my grand collection of TWO Russian pop music CDs disappeared.  I have not replaced them, so I suppose this is not much of a confession, is it?

But don't worry. I have another confession.  A worse one. People who don't know me all that well...who know me from work which is the same thing as church...or who know some of my other interests...British Victorian novels, embroidery, etc. would think - "Ah....she will confess that she is addicted to monks singing, or Vivaldi....that's Annie!"  But, no.  I rather wish it were Annie, but it is not.

Annie's not-so-secret vice is - talk radio.  And, it may even run so far as an addiction.  For example, type an "n" on this laptop and you will instantly be connected to National Public Radio.  Check the setting of my radio at work - Michigan Public Radio. The radio by my bed: Michigan Radio, in the kitchen - the same.  Yes; I am an All Things Considered addict; a Morning Edition obsessed, On the Media, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, This American Life - listening weirdo.   You are thinking, "No; this is how she gets her news.  This is very, very educated."   How I wish. 

Well, you are right that this is how I get my news.  Unfortunately life got too busy for the morning paper, which was OK since the morning paper turned into a six-page advert.  But, if you were with me, as my family is - you might wonder why I needed to get the same news five or six times a day.  I'll get up at six and listen to Morning Edition, and turn on the radio on at work and listen happily to the very same segments.  And, when it comes to the weekend - I've probably been known to listen to one episode of Car Talk five or six times over a two-day period.  

I really do learn a lot this way.  I really do adore public radio.  The programs on This American Life are insightful, moving, amazing radio by anyone's light.  (Truly, if you have never listened to this program, you must give it a try.)  But, it is all much more than this.

Somehow, listening to talk radio takes in-hand the chaotic portion of my mind and busies it so that the part of my mind that I need for simple tasks can function.  For example, there are some sorts of work that I am pretty-much incapable of doing without talk radio on - cooking, for example, housework....any sort of cleaning or tidying, ironing, etc.  If I try to do it in silence....well, I just can't.  I think I must feel a lot like a hyper-active child feels.  I cannot focus, I cannot decide what to do; I do one thing twice, get distracted and start doing things I didn't intend to do, leave important bits out (like putting soap in the washer)  I stand and stare.  Even as a child I learned that I could not do stupid busy-work homework without the TV on. 

The confession part of this is still coming, though....none of the above seems too awful.  The problem is that occasionally I cannot FIND any decent talk radio.  One of my stations goes to classical music, the other won't come in, the third is an AM station and shuts down at 6 p.m.  What do do!!??!!  I do have to admit that talk radio that gets my dander up will not do - so the typical "talk radio" (Rush and so forth) is not in the running, ever.  But I need calming, talking voices. This was my position, for example, last night as I was attempting to make dinner.  Everyone was hungry; late night at Religious Education...I was exhausted, the poor dinner fixings sit on the counter while I struggle to find TALK RADIO!  Can't start cooking without TALK RADIO!  There is NO TALK RADIO....!!!  We can't have dinner!  There is no talk radio!!!  I'm about to tell Craig that he must get off the computer - because that is the only way....I'll have to go to streaming NPR.  But!  Finally, oh, thank Heaven!  Talking voices!  It is the Michigan State University station - not the public radio station, but the student-run station - and here are two college boys talking about sports.  Yahoo!  I don't even quite know what sports they were talking about but talking they were....and dinner preparation could proceed.

I've listened to money shows, gardening shows, home repair shows, medical help shows.  When we lived in Heppner, Oregon there was some show where the announcer would read want ads and notices for things like lost cows, seed corn for sale, etc.  I'll listen to it all.  But, if you want to know the real truth - the thing I've most enjoyed, which I cannot get now at all for some reason is - Doctor Laura.  I'm just going to hang my head and leave it there.  


Tina in CT said...

My daughter is also an avid NPR llistener.

Rachael said...

I was WONDERING when you were going to get to the shameful part. Dr. Laura! Right there at the end. I used to listen to her a long, long time ago in the car, but at some point she became very, very annoying and I wonder who changed: her or me?

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

AHA! For sure hang that head low young lady! LOL!
Your radio habit sounds a lot like my tv habit. I have to have a tv on at night to fall asleep. The talking on the tv is so much slower than my brain at that time. My brain races and jumps and flies around when I try to go to sleep.
Even during the day, I knit and watch, I plan and watch, write and watch. Hmmmm.

Annie said...

Essie - it is actually one of my pet peeves that there is still the myth out there of every child needing to do homework sitting at a "well-lit desk, in a quiet private area". I'd never accomplish much under those circumstances! And, as a Phi Beta Kappa, I will attest to the fact that the secret of getting good grades and learning stuff, is to learn how you learn best. Someone else's method is not necessarily going to work for you.... I MUST have radio or TV on - or at least be in the midst of action - in order to do "stupid" homework....but there are other things - writing, for example (and math, if there is any hope at all) where I must have quiet. It's all in the realizing what you need.

BT said...

I'm a public radio fiend too! Both US and Canada. But I really really love Dr. Laura. I haven't found it up here in Cda (not on a radio station I can tune to in our car), so I subject my husband to it whenever we take driving trips to the US. He hates her, but I just love it.

kate said...

I am RIGHT THERE with you. I drove to talk radio to many a late rehearsal and back. It was nice to have company.

annieology said...

Lost cow notices, soooo funny. The town I lived in about loose chickens. Not slutty ones, just unpenned ones.

Anonymous said...
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Ericka Scott said...

My husband has it as bad as you do, although I don't think he's fallen as far as Dr. Laura...but he makes up for it by watching disaster shows on Discovery (melting ice caps, tsunamis, what to do when it doesn't stop snowing...you name it....).

Good luck with your, ahem, addiction and ENJOY! LOL!

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

we are soul sisters!!
I listen to talk radio in my car,,ALWAYS!!
I listen to this show called Focus on the family, then BBC World News, and I too listen to Sports Shows! I am addicted now to Lavarre Arrington's sports show here in DC...All about the areas sports teams. I find it so chaotic to listen to music while I drive.

MamaPoRuski said...

I hate talk radio, but then when you throw NPR and others into the mix I think "That's NEWS ANNIE NOT TALK!" LOL! I don't mind the news, it's the people yelling at me about things I don't care about that make me turn the dial!

Susan said...

I didnt know listening to NPR was an addiction. I guess I'm an addict!!

Anonymous said...

It is just too funny,
I am listening to all same NPR programs and then to some more. I love Wait, wait, don't tell me, That American life, Prairie home companion,Short stories from Symphony Space and all the news ...
I come so low as to plan my Saturday chores not to interfere with listening to my favorite programs.
And I have a lot of driveway moments too. Sometimes I leave a radio on in the car and in the house, so while I am dragging the groceries to the kitchen, I still can listen.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

My husband LOVES talk radio.

I don't think that is a bad thing though.

Hevel said...

Talk radio is my kind of radio. For noise, however, I use National Geographic or Discovery or the History channel... Maybe that's why my 8-year-old is driving his teacher crazy with possibility of life on Titan...

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