Monday, November 2, 2009


Poor Nastya!  She woke up sick on Halloween day.  Crawled back into bed after a hot bath.  Unfortunately, there was nothing for it but for me to go to work, so I told her to sleep and assured her that I'd stay home with her that night.  I began to organize in my mind how the trick-or-treating might be managed.

We have a long-standing tradition of going to a friend's house in East Lansing for dinner, then taking the kids out in their neighborhood.  After trick-or-treating we end up at another friend's house for adult dessert and for children to count and sort their take.

But clearly a new plan needed to be made.  This year the big boys (Maxim, Sergei and Ilya) wanted to trick-or-treat with their friends in our neighborhood, so I would just need to alert our friends and convince the big boys to take Zhen with them.  But mid-afternoon Anastasia calls.  She's all better!  And, indeed, her voice was bright and she was full of what she'd put together for a costume.  And, as is her (and all the kids') wont, she called again to ask if she could put glitter in her hair, and again to see if her friend Madeline from the neighborhood could come with us to East Lansing, and again to see if Madeline's mom had said yes - etc.

So, I did believe that maybe she'd just been overtired, and that she was energized and ready to go.  And when I got home she looked great.  I put a spinach salad together and got the three little ones into the car.  But about the time we all sat down to the table, I noticed a bit of wavering, and refusal of pizza, or soup, or salad....  Not like Nastya. 

She said she was cold, and my friend's husband put her in a chair in the garden room, wrapped in a blanket.  When it came time to trick-or-treat I encouraged her to stay in, but she was determined to go with us.  This is when I took the photo - Anastasia Determined to Go.

She made it around the cul-du-sac, and that was the end.  Back to the house she went to curl up once more.  Zhen is at the age where girls are as much fun as boys, so though Madeline is not usually his friend, the two of them had no problems at all having a good time.  Of course the "after-glow" was out, and they were both disappointed.  So was I, but the responsible mother needed to kick in.

So - bad mother here?  I think I tried to be responsible.  I really did believe that she was recovered.  Should I have taken her home when she began to feel puny?  But that would have ruined the evening for Zhen and Madeline.  Well, I did my best.  She crawled into bed at home.  And claimed weakness and misery when I left for work yesterday....  So imagine my surprise when she called mid-afternoon bright and cheerful.  And, my repeated dismay to find her sick again when I came home.

What is it with these odd illenesses that are cyclical?  I don't think she is "faking it" at all.  I think she really is feeling well in the afternoons.  And is truly miserable morning and evening.  I recall an odd phenomenon one winter when I'd begin to feel sick around 4 p.m., and get worse and worse as the night went, on - only to feel perfectly fine next morning - and that went on for weeks! 

So any of my physician readers may want to elucidate. 

PS - I have seen a couple of references to a determination to blog every day of November.  Well, having missed the first day, perhaps it is not fair to head out into the rest of the month, but I just might.  I have to get over the sense that every post must be an essay with merit.  I hoped to chronical our family life and it is not a work of art!


Tina in CT said...

Poor Anastasia.

How come you were working Sat. and Sunday? You need a break.

Svetlana said...

Poor Nastia. I hope she will be better very soon. In our house it looks the same Anna wake up sick then in afternoon she is better and then evening comes, she is very tired and look sick.
Praying for her ;-)

Lisa said...

So sorry about Halloween....

I've been doing the same thing...fine in the morning and about 4 it all goes downhill. Yuck. 3 weeks of it.

Christine said...

Poor thing. Hope she feels better soon. Happy halloween. You are not a bad mother. I would have done the same thing.

Elena's Mom said...

I'd love it if you blog every day. Yours i my absolute favorite blog :-) It's the little daily occurences that you blog about (so eloquently) that make your blog interssting because most of us can relate.
I have no idea what could be wrong with Nastya. There are so many weird viruses out there now. She could have caught something that is trying to work it's way out of here system. Poor girl!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Oh the poor dear!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Some kids fake being sick, others fake being well. I wouldn't have wanted to miss a holiday either. I remember a very kind teacher making a housecall and bringing me my Valentines one year!

I hope Nastya feels better soon!

Rachael said...

My kids are often like that when sick: fine than not fine. I'm the worst at trying to figure out if they're really ill or not! (I've even blogged about it before!) So, if I can't figure my own kids' mysterious viral bugs out, I'm sorry I can't help you with Nastya's, other than to say: sounds familiar!

Hope the rest of you will be spared.

I was (tentatively) thinking about the daily post thing too. It would be nice to be able to just jot a few quick lines without feeling like it had to be an essay. I get that. And, I'd LOVE to see YOU blog daily this month. Let's do it!

Annie said...

OK, Rachael - I'm picking up the gauntlet!

Tina in CT said...

I'm glad you'll be blogging daily as I love your blog. If my life were more interesting, I'd do it too.

Ohiomom2121 said...

Dear Annie,
Our son had what I suspect was H1N1, based on 8 days of fever and upper respiratory symptoms, plus it is all over our school. First day, he guts'd it out at school b/c last year he had too many days out & we got a truancy letter saying absences had to have a Dr. note to be excused. Not having $ for urgent care for every sniffle, we told him to go to school until they made him leave. We forgot to undo these instructions this year, so he came home w/102 fever...after infecting everyone I would guess! Then, we kept him out for several days, then no fever a.m., fever afternoon, no fever a.m. next day, fever afternoon, then no fever all day. So, after the "no fever all day" period, we sent him to school. They called at noon, 101 fever. I guess, everyone who didn't catch it from him the 1st day got it the last day, but we did not intentionally send him sick. The fever was very intermittent. As long as your friends were OK w/an extra sick kid in their house, I think it reasonable to let her attempt the holiday. Our son had lots of energy even when his fever was 99 a couple of days. He got stir crazy & chased the dog all around the house. Other days, he collapsed. You know a kid is sick when he says his eyes burn too much to play video games! So, unless you suspect Anastasia is faking, it sounds like some of the crud we have had going around Ohio. Sherry

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

When my big gal is down, she's down..It lasts for days then it's gone.My little one never goes down without a fight,she tends to moan and groan and spread misery until she's better.
We just got over H1N1 and the threat of not being able to trick or treating kept her in bed for 8 days...sorry your Anastasia didn't get to enjoy it.
And Annie what is the blog everyday thing???

srlsfamily said...

I came over here from a comment on my blog. I am a single adoptive mom to 4 kids from the Rostov-on-Don region of Russia. We are also in the throes of fever and sickness too. Mine are younger and I have had to miss work 3/5 days this week (well counting tomorrow). It is a mess.