Thursday, November 5, 2009


Perhaps I went overboard this week.  Not sure.  I got fed up with the dependence on technology, and in particular, the gravitation towards "screens" in preference to just about anything else.

I actually purchased a foot of light chain and a little lock and locked up the xboxes (Maxim's was at our house) and Sergei's computer.  Interesting how the kids immediately find fun things to do.

What possessed them, I'm not sure, but Zhen and Nastya got into "doing hair" and Zhen fixed himself up - attitude and all - as a '50's kind of guy. 

When in doubt, Ilya will clean.  I got home yesterday and he and Nastya were making references to "a new toilet and sink".  When I got up there I realized that the two of them had scrubbed those appliances in places I'd never dreamed of scrubbing them before. (And, I assure you I feel as though I keep a clean bathroom!)  They went up and under and behind and in every nook and cranny.  Really cool!  (Except you hardly want to use them.)  Nastya, in addition, cleaned my bedroom.  True she put things away in places where we still can't find them, but the idea is first rate! 

I have noticed that, apart from Anastasia who is really serious about doing well in school, homework has not risen to the top of the "possible things to do" pile.  Oh, well.....I think what they are doing beats another 3-4 hours of Runescape, in any case.  I'll soften up one of these days, and let the machinery out of bondage, but I intend to keep the key handy and only bring the screens out for "dessert" - not the steady diet.


Lisa said...

Very smart thinking. It's amazing how we can get creative when the electronics are MIA. :)

Milena said...

I think it's wonderful the less electronics the children use. They get calmer and more creative. It helps that I don't watch tv myself (but I spend way too much time by the computer...).

It's hilarious that Ilya cleans. He will make his future wife very happy one day!

- I'm blogging for Nadya; to help her find a family -

Tina in CT said...

Kids that like to clean and straighten up! Boy, you are a lucky mom!

As much as I love to read, scrap, garden, knit, etc., I would be lost without TV. I have it on in the background as I'm on the computer, cooking, scrapping and cleaning. Can't say I like what is on with the regular shows so mostly watch movies.

Wise move to lock up the electronic games.

Fioleta said...

:-) maybe you should only lock xboxes only when the house needs cleaning?

MamaPoRuski said...

We've just implemented homework, chores and therapy into our allotment of computer, video games and movies. There are tasks that must be done before entertainment (Devotions, homework and therapy), and how many minutes you get depends on how many extra chores you've done. One boy has an attitude chart to track when he can play one certain Wii game because he seems to have a bad attitude while playing it! It's been fabulous. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and there is no whining! Praying your kids learn from this too!