Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have to laugh at this lovely little nickname for South Korea...

Because my loving husband certainly HAS had a heck of a lot more "morning calm" than I have had this past year!

He has himself to get up and dressed and only one place to go - a leisurely walk.

Meanwhile, here in Michigan (Land of the Morning Chaos) I:
  • get up
  • make coffee
  • get dressed
  • clean the toilet
  • wipe down the sink
  • gather up the dirty clothes
  • put the clean dishes away
  • feed the dog
  • sweep the floor
  • take the clothes out of the dryer
  • put washer clothes into dryer
  • put new load on to wash
  • make lunches
  • make tea
  • check e-mail
  • pay a bill or two
  • call children................and are the bits and snippets I saved up from this morning's pre-school preparation to share with you:

Get up! This is my second time up here! You won't get breakfast if you don't get up now!  Mama where's my pants? In the dryer. NO! Those are Ilya's! Can I have a bagel and cream cheese? Did you make tea? Mom, this tea is too hot! This sweater is still damp! Sergei isn't up yet. Can you sign this form? I have to be there early! Can I have some money for the field trip?  Mom, can you sign my planner?  Did you get your homework done? No, because you said you'd help me...  Where is it? We'll do it now.  Can I turn up the heat?  I'm cold!  Do you have your spelling words?

Do you have any quarters? Where's my lunch? Can I take a snack? We're out of apples! Mom, it's raining! Sergei can you start the car? Didn't we have any drinks? No you all drank them over the weekend! I didn't drink any! Well, tell your brothers to save them for lunches. Let the dog out! Is Ilya up? He won't get out of the bathroom! Sergei, did you put out the recycling?

Can I have an egg? No eggs when you come down at this hour. Then I'm not eating. Hurry up! I just remembered; I have to get gas!

And so forth.  No morning calm here.


Tina in CT said...

I'm tired just reading it.

I think my morning is a heck of a lot easier as it's just me and the dog.

Milena said...

Oh dear. I only have three children and they are all small (small as in taking off clothes I just helped them putting on, spilling milk all over the table....) but somehow I still recognize some of that. So I guess it'll just get worse as the children grow :-)

- I'm blogging for Nadya; to help find her a family -

Rachael said...

Hmmm. Sounds very familiar. I can empathize. And, yes, I know there are two of us in my case, but my husband exercises in the morning and I have kid duties. So, the division of labor goes. (He drives them to school, but I have to get them from point A (bed) to point B (car)).

AdoptaMama said...

I'm sorry. :( I can't even imagine what that's like. My girls (thankfully) are pretty self-sufficient and our mornings run very smoothly. I'm guessing as they get older and more dramatic that's going to change quite a bit though. I guess it's something to look forward to. NOT! ;)

PS - My blog is no longer private. I didn't get your e-mail until last week (I don't check my yahoo! one regularly) so I didn't know you were trying to get access. Sorry 'bout that.

Salzwedel Family said...

My oh my. Yes, no calm there. It's a miracle that we make it out of the house at all some days.

Amanda said...

Hmmm sounds familiar!

Amanda said...

Hmmm sounds familiar!

Elena's Mom said...

I don't know how you do it - having so many kids dressed and ready for the cold weather during the winter months. I have to wake up a whole 1/2 hour earlier when it's cold just to dress Elena appropriately, get the car ready (scrape frost off and turn on defrost, etc).

Christine said...

Sounds similar. :) I admire you for all that you do with your husband so far away.