Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yesterday I believe that my mother bought me a piece of the best pie that exists on earth.  Certifiably so.

After thinking about doing this for awhile (why the delay???) we found our way up to a little pie shop in a continguous city (Dewitt); it took all of ten minutes to get there.   This little shop is called "Sweetie-licious Pie Pantry" and it is the cutest thing on earth, very retro and charming.

I read about the owner a couple of years ago in FAITH magazine.  Sad thing is I don't quite remember the story, except that her faith helped her work her way out of a sad situation, and into this life she loves.  After they did the article, I was prompted again to visit the shop, when I read that she had won the first place three years' running in the Crisco National Pie Championships!  And she recently won First Place in the Food Network Pie Challenge.

Frankly, I believe I make a good pie, and I learned from my mom who makes a good pie - so we went up there expecting a good pie, but reserving wild-eyed praise.  (My mother still left saying something along the lines of, "But they (the judges) have never tasted your Buttermilk Pie!")  Yet, we were wowed.  I had the prize-winner pie - the Very Cheery Cherry Cherry Berry Pie.  The two "cherries" in the title refer to fresh cherries and dried cherries, and I have to say those dried cherries in there were magnificent.  Also - the crust was spectacular, if I do say so myself.

  But as nice as the pies was the ambiance.  The people in there are just as happy and sweet as can be.  Lynda, the owner, is as cute, friendly and welcoming as she is made out to be and the fellow on the right was really a dear.  He was putting pink coconut on cupcakes while we were there and really appeared to be liking his work, silly as that sounds.  (Those cupcakes were adorable!)

TOTAL WEIRD ASIDE:  His cupcakes were more adorable than the ten that I made to take to Zhen's class for his birthday yesterday, which the dog ate while I went out to pick the kids up from skating.  But mine were cute, too and - yes; the dog ate TEN of those cupcakes...and it took me a while to believe it because she made NO MESS whatsoever.  No smear of frosting, no crumbs (I couldn't eat one without crumbs)!  Of course, the difference between the dog and me is that she ate hers with paper on!  And half of them had foil cupcake holders (or whatever you call them)..

Anyway, no bakery compliments for me - I had to go to the store and buy Russian candy to take to his class for a birthday treat because I didn't have time to make more cupcakes.  And the dog never got sick!  That might be the strangest thing of all!!!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well, the dog never got sick..... YET.

Just wait until you see shiny reflective bits of foil all over the yard encased in poop. Fun times ahead!

Annie said...

Ha! Essie - actually, the dog DID get sick - Sergei said she threw up all over his bed. Yahoo. Can't wait to do that laundry.

Tina in CT said...

What an adorable shop and the owner is sure a cutie.

Buttermilk pie....mmmmm! Please email or post the recipe. I never heard or it. I'd love it I'm sure.

I just love pie so am sure I'd love the shop.

Sounds like you and your mom had lots of fun.

That's too funny about your dog. 10 cupcakes! I bet cleaning up the bedspread was not a fun job.
Cleaning up the yard won't be a fun chore either.

Elena's Mom said...

Throw away the the bedsheets!
Is that picture the actual bakery you went to? It looks really cute and cozy.
I would love to taste your buttermilk pie!!

Carolynn and Steve said...

I am so jealous you have a great place for pie---and so cute, too. I'm a lover of all things pie--my grandma made a mean custard pie, and I've never tasted one to beat it yet. Like everyone else, I'd love it if you would be willing to share your buttermilk pie recipe (but I understand about those personal secret recipe things!)

Milena said...

Annie, I have nominated your blog for an award! Stop by my blog for Nadya, at to pick it up!

Rachael said...

Sounds delish - now I am craving! We love pie around here, especially around the holidays. We can never decide what kind so we always go crazy and make LOTS! I do hate making crust though, and usually try to get my step-dad to do that part for me.

Happy birthday to Zhen!

June said...

Cute! Is that on Main Street, kitty corner from the bank? It looks like it's where the ice cream parlor used to be.

Ginny said...

We have to keep a close eye on our dog Maggie, because she will eat and eat and eat. And then all that she ate ends up in a disgusting heap on the floor. She has been known to steal entire cooked chickens from the counter top and consume them bones and all.