Friday, November 7, 2008


March, 2005.
I apologize in advance, as I cannot seem to get the photos so sync with the text. Sorry! My expedient is to number the comments.

1. Here I am with our dear little front of a door I found rather beautiful just a building or two away from the American Embassy where Zhen was made a citizen and applied for his visa.

It was slightly chilly but I wasn't wearing a coat, as Zhen had thrown up on it on the way from Ivanovo to Moscow. He was totally unused to travel in an automobile and it took him a few weeks before he got over this. We'd been told however by the orphanage doctor, that "his stomach is upside down" and despite the fact that Craig and I both chuckled over this odd diagnosis upon hearing it, when Zhen took to vomiting, we did get a little concerned! Zhen also had a stack at least three inches high of x-rays and medical reports. He'd been hospitalized numerous times for TB and seemed a sickly little guy. But - to our delight and amazement, Zhen has not had so much as a cold since becoming our boy. He has an amazing appetite and I sometimes think all he needed was his fill of fruits and vegetables to be perfectly healthy.

2. Two of my favorite people in my favorite place. This is in front of the Hotel Ukraina in Moscow. We had taken Sergei with us when we went to adopt Zhenya. We were giving the boys some fresh air and they spent half an hour or so having fun among the pillars in front of this imposing building.

I hadn't yet fallen absolutely, madly in love with my Zhen, as I had with Sergei, but I did find him a scrappy, brave little guy.

3. The last photo reminds me of a highlight of this trip. In the lower level of the Ukraina there was a little restaurant "Children's Center".... Little did we know when we decided to visit it, what was there - a wonderful play area, far superior to anything McDonald's ever dreamed of, and this: a Circus! I swear that the performers must have been Moscow Circus performers on their time off because the quality of this miniature, participation "circus" was just amazing! As you can see there was only a tiny stage, and only room for maybe 30 audience members, but the show was tremendous! I was especially proud because at first the performers were having a hard time getting the children to participate, but Sergei first - and then Zhen, already in awe of his older brother - volunteered and soon all the children were having a blast. So were we!


Tina in CT said...

Thanks so much for the flashbacks and sharing. The boys are so adorable and a loving addition to your family.

Rachael said...

I love to think back to our time in Russia too. Such sweet memories.

Great pics -- thanks for sharing this little piece of your trip with us.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I am SO enjoying your flashbacks. What precious memories.

I got a laugh out of the upside down stomach!

MoscowMom said...

I've got to find out if that restaurant is still open! Sounds super!

I also like the flashbacks... I delight in those pictures that people just randomly take that end up meaning the world to others...