Thursday, July 3, 2008


Last night after all were (as we thought) in bed, Craig heard the door and exploring, found Ilya out in the garage, with the lid of the gasoline can open. (The can we use for the mower.)

Craig came in to the bedroom and woke me, really upset, he told me he thought Ilya was intending to try to burn the house down. I thought that was a little hard to believe. Why would he? Yet....Lydia's friends had just helped her move her big couch, from her apartment, into the garage....angry at Lydia for "kicking him out" of his room....would he consider trying to burn up her couch? Seems so unlikely.... He's not a bad kid, and smart.... But, he was near the couch.

But I lay in the dark, anguishing - what could Ilya have been doing? Would he really set something on fire??? Then it hit me - he must have been breathing in the gasoline! Huffing? Or whatever they call that! Oh, no! He'll kill his brain cells! What if he is addicted to this? I barely slept. Or, so it seemed.

This morning I asked Maxim about it. He knew right away what Ilya had been doing. "Oh - he was just trying to fill a cigarette lighter he found." How relieved I was - particularly, as Ilya had shown me the lighter - I knew there was some basis in fact, and the pieces fit.

Now - how could this bit of distasteful information - my son trying to fill up a cigarette lighter with gasoline from the container in the garage, so he does not have to continually try to find matches (in addition to cigarette butts) for his smoking habit, be GOOD NEWS! Well, now you know! Clearly better than the alternatives!


MMrussianadoption said...

I immediately thought huffing too. Scary the things we have to look forward to.

Ginny said...

So glad it wasn't the worse alternative! That would be awful. Filling a zippo from a big gasoline container would be very tricky, not sure how he was going to accomplish that!

Rachael said...

I see why you want him across the hall where you can keep an eye on him!

crispy said...

You have a LOT to keep your mind occupied with. I also thought of huffing. Whew.

Elizabeth said...

I'm relieved. I thought you were saving some tragedy for the grand finale (the worst).

Anonymous said...

This is very frightening. Filling a lighter with gasoline instead of lighter fluid could cause a horrible explosion. If lit, it would probably cause an extremely damaging, if not fatal result. I don't want any child to experience a tragedy such as this.
Atlanta, GA