Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Some months ago I stumbled on a blog which I just love....for so many reasons! Elizabeth is a young woman living in St. Petersburg, doing work with orphans. OK - two connections there: Russia and orphans. She is also a Christian. She also writes wonderfully!

I have enjoyed Elizabeth's blog as she has covered lots of topics, from spiritual growth, to hymns, to life in Russia, the Russian character, to strategies to help orphans... But this week she has been absolutely riveting as she describes her brother's marriage to a woman in the Congo! What a splendid chance to "take a little trip" into someone else's interesting experience!

If you want to start the "wedding" theme, scroll down a number of posts to her story of her trip to Moscow to get her visa:

Have fun!


Salzwedel Family said...

Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for linking :). I guess my blog is going to seem boring when I run out of Africa entries!

Christine said...

It is a nice blog. :)