Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I read this quote recently and really like the way it makes me think about some things in a new way:

The only pain that human beings experience is not getting their way. There is no other pain—"I’m just not getting my way."

It also ties into the idea that original sin - and our actual sins, too, are all related to pride....that is, thinking that our way is better. At heart, that we know our way is better than God's way. But that translates into our justifying saying things, doing things, taking things, even thinking things - or not doing, taking, saying things - because we convince ourselves we are somehow "deserving". We "override" our conscience because "our way", in this thing, we judge to be superior.

I suppose this will be my one "Director of Religous Education " post of the year.
Though I actually read the quote on a website about child-rearing. When our children are unhappy, we need to remember (I need to remember!) that, at heart, this is why. Are they justified in being pained in not getting their way, or not? Maybe this is pain they ought to feel, or need to feel in order to grow. Or maybe the pain is fear that comes from our not giving them what they need. It is an interesting way to re-visualize a situation, anyway.


Ginny said...

Trying to understand how to address our children's pain based on trying to figure out if that pain is pain they need to feel to help them get over their pride, or if it is pain that needs to be addressed with comfort is very tricky indeed.

crispy said...

That deep rooted selfish/self centered-ness is ugly. I love your thoughts. I love that you challenge me to be a better me.