Tuesday, March 18, 2008


By Zhen

I was walking through the school today when my eye fell on this picture. The hall was decorated all up and down both wings, with pictures the children drew to illustrate the "Virtue of the Month" - this month, thankfulness.

Most of the pictures were of animals, or nature, or toys, pets, treats of all sorts - this was the only religious presentation I saw - and was I proud!

What a dear and loving boy my Zhen is - I was really impressed that Lent and Holy Week are making an impression on him.


The Combes Family said...

I am very impressed! What a tender heart Zhen has! I miss that boy!

Christine said...

What a great drawing. Zhenya is very talented.

crispy said...

How wonderful. I bet that just warmed your heart.

Colleen said...

That is so sweet! Before I even read your post I was in awe of the drawing. So heart-warming and so sincere!


kate said...

That us precious.