Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A couple of years ago, when we adopted Nastya, we had the fun of a day at Gorky Park. This is Craig, thoroughly enjoying himself there. It was warm and bright and we had our new little daughter. No real worries. Springtime.
I got the software for my new camera today, so was trying to put some photos in my computer, and I ran across this one.
To put things in perspective - it is cold here. It is something like 3 degrees. Cold wind. The porch creeks oddly when I step on it. The snow crunches strangely underfoot. The house is not as "tight" as one might wish, and near the walls it is unpleasantly chill. The dishes are cold when I take them from the cupboard.
I'd love to be in Gorky Park in May without a care in the world!


crispy said...

I always forget how fortunate we are to have sunny days and bright skies. It sure can make a difference in the atmosphere and moods.

Rachael said...

Katya and I took the River Boat Tour right by Gorky Park last April. We were both saddened that it was not yet open for business, as the temp. was rather pleasant at the time.

Christine said...

What a handsome hubby you have Annie! What sweet memories.

The Combes Family said...

What a great memory in the "dead of winter." I love the picture of Craig! Blessings ~karen