Monday, November 12, 2007

Why THIS Blog?

The other day I stumbled on a blog while doing some research at work. It was a seminarian's blog, all about his life in the Faith. Frankly, I began to feel a little ashamed. His blog was so spiritual, so uplifting. He talked about grappling with the Word; the struggle to give himself in love every moment of the day; he talked about his prayer life.

So, I began to think.... Why "onemothersday"? Why didn't I decide to blog about my spiritual journey? Why didn't I decide to blog about my professional/spiritual life as a DRE (Director of Religious Education)? I hung my head. Don't I like my job? Maybe I'm not really putting my heart into it anymore.... No. That's not true. I am still excited about planning new lessons, improving the curriculum, making sure the teachers enjoy their efforts and are successful.

Then I began to muse about how there are all kinds of blogs! I love fine embroidery. Why not go there? I love family history, why not blog about genealogy? Aren't there blogs about Iowa history, maybe? Blogs by people who love Victorian literature? Well, OK. Maybe I don't have as much time for some of those things as I used to. :)

I guess what it boils down to, is that my blog does reflect where my heart is. Not that I don't have lots of interests, and enjoy so many aspects of life - and I do take pride in my work. But what gives my life special meaning right now is being a mother. And, my spiritual journey right now is right through motherhood. In particular, mothering these Russian children.

So, I think that this blog helps me be a little more aware, helps me focus more on this journey. I hope it also helps me to praise and love God in all the little occurrences of the day. Not a priest, not a missionary to foreign lands, not a nun. "Just" a mom, but I think that in this I am finding the mission God gave me.

I'm trying to, anyway.

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The Combes Family said...

Annie - thanks for your honesty on your blog. I appreciate how thoughtful you are and enjoy reading about your life with your children or whatever you choose to write about. You are such a good writer!