Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is my "big boy", Aidan. He is presently in Iraq in Ft. Speicher which is outside of Bagdad. (Baghdad?)
Anyway, he works in Intelligence, and his job involves locating, from way up above in the plane, IEDs that have been planted in roads down below. He has, on his own, discovered some so that they could be dismantled and lives saved. He is my hero. I am so proud of him.


pearly1979 said...
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Christine said...

What a handsome guy! You must be proud...for many reasons.

Annie Kitching said...

I've always LOVED the name Aidan. Actually, he was named after a saint - Aidan of Lindisfarne. When he competed in Irish dancing for several years it was so cool he had an Irish name. When the name became trendy I got a little dismayed....but I suppose it is "cool" for an adult male to have a trendy name. :)