Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Here is a photo of Ilya from this weekend. I'm glad I am not naturally a worrier. Ever since the fatal haircut, Ilya has worn his hat. That was almost a month ago and his hair has grown out enough that he looks just fine. I am afraid that in the interim he has become so accustomed to wearing a hat that he feels strange without one. And now this!

Look closely and you will see at least three outer garments. Ilya's Russian teacher Natalia, gave him a couple of items to layer one day when it was cool. Since then he has [with two exceptions] worn it ALL. The exceptions are when he sleeps. And then the hat is underneath his pillow and the other clothes at the end of the bed. And, this weekend he actually removed the hat to go swimming!!!

I happened to be watching as he came into the pool area. He took off the top jacket. He started to take off the hat - no; he put it back on. He took off the second jacket. Then, he did take off the hat, laying it lovingly on the back of the lounge chair. Then he took off his hooded sweatshirt, and immediately put his hat back on, while he removed pants, shoes, and shirt. Finally, ready to swim, he removed THE HAT. I am glad I have a sense of humor, or - as I say - I might worry.

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