Monday, November 5, 2007


I prefer Early to Bed. This morning I got up, got dressed, threw the load of laundry from last night into the dryer, noticed that I would need to make a fast trip to the grocery store because no one picked up some essential lunch staples, and then I allowed myself the luxury of sitting down to talk to Craig for a few moments with a cup of coffee before darting out to the store. I checked for the newspaper. It hadn't arrived. That caused me to check my watch. 4:30.


So, when Craig said he was changing the clocks yesterday..... He didn't, apparently, mean ALL the clocks. For example, he obviously didn't mean the BEDROOM clocks.

Well, I did get in and out of the grocery store pretty easily - it was just me and the stock clerks!

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Christine said...

Annie, too fuuny. I also had a problem with the time change.